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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Artfire Shop

Okay, I've done it..I finally opened up a new shop, on will be able to find all of my Baskets and Ladies Fashion over there, and even some Dresses for's the link.
Hope you see you there...:) and good luck to all of my many etsy buddies..if I don't see you much, I'll surely miss you guys...


  1. Wow-- Well I am happy with etsy and I don't really use the forums at all there- I do belong to teams- and I also belong to Esty Blogging Buddies. But I network on Facebook,Twitter and my blog and other internet sites. So, if you get a chance come by and check out my blog and hopefully follow.

  2. Found you on the fabulous new Blogging teams and following! :)

    Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food


    --Home & Portfolio--

  3. Congrats and Best of Luck on Your New ArtFire Store!

  4. I like your scarf with the brooch in the first photo. It's very cheerful!